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Thread: Another week is nearly over

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    Another week is nearly over

    So whatcha got planed. Now that I got the tables done for the commision, I need to finish up the two chairs. I also got some other chairs to recane. That should keep me busy. Other then that Church sunday morn and also the race from Talladega..

    So what yall got planed.
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    Lotsa yard work.
    Clean Shop.
    Work on making a hand plane.

    If I can get any one of those done, I'll be lucky!
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    I'm resting up until the 29th of this month..........that's when I retire!!!

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    Congrats Roger!

    I've got some yard work to finish up if the rain stops...then its turn, turn, turn!!!!
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    Good thinking, Roger. Rest now.

    By all accounts, after you retire you will wonder how you found time to go to work!

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    She hasn't told me yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Newby View Post
    I'm resting up until the 29th of this month..........that's when I retire!!!
    oh you lucky dog!!!!!!!!

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    not starting off good this weekend.
    I had to fire a young female employee today, caught her red handed with merchandise stuffed into her personal pocket book.
    Shes been here over 5 years. I know her entire family, it was not easy.(there were 2 previous incidents but without red handed proof I didnt act)
    Im very upset, but she left me no choice.

    Im going to get out my 3m sharpening sheets and hone my new plane blade.
    Im going to practice first on my cheap chisels, then graduate to my more expensive chisels, then do the plane blade.
    If I mess any of them up, Ill have to ship them off to someone who can fix them for me. But Im going to go for that mirrored end/tip.
    I wont use my grinder, I ruined too many of my cheap turning chisels like that.
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    Congrats Roger!

    Allen, Sorry to hear about the troubles with the employee, hope the sharpening goes well.

    This weekend I'm working on the gun grips, changing oil cooling lines on the Tahoe, and maybe going to the range to do some plinking. Sunday dinner with the kids.

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    stay in my home state, got a birthday party to go to then after that??? maybe work on gettin the boat ready.
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