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Thread: Change of Scenery Hubble turns 20

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    Change of Scenery Hubble turns 20

    Google has highlighted the point that Hubble is 20 years old.

    I stopped by the Hubble site to take a look at some of the latest images since the service on the telescope last year.

    Take a moment to look at some of these amazing images.

    If you have a good big screen you can view the larger resolution images.

    I just starred and starred at them, mesmerized at the sight.

    I thought about all the energy that is there, then see the write up on temperatures (400 000 degrees) (how much is that when we use scales that go to what 125F for our local conditions.

    Travelling at speeds where they talk of slow gases being overtaken by fast gases.

    It fascinates me just how far we have come in the past 100 years in technology and yet we know almost nothing when you consider some of what is out there or how long it took us as humans to build an experiment like the large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

    Then i think of how long it takes me to make a small woodworking project and well i just have to

    What enormous strides we have made as mankind and yet they are so small.

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    back in the early seventies I were told that the sun temperature were around 10000 or 11000 degrees F. /// mine question is -if you burn a set amount of certain gases on a number of different planets-will the BTU of the burn-out be different because of the gravity pull

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