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Thread: True Story

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    True Story

    A true story – I just wanted to share this with my “woodworking family”.
    I was offered a job at a small Fiberglass manufacturing plant that made an antenna for the Doplar System for aircraft. I met my contact in the morning at the main office, and he asked the receptionist to give me an application. She immediately told him that they were not hiring. He again requested that he wanted her to give me an application, and she said that she was told not to give any applications because they weren’t hiring.

    Well he insisted and she gave me the application. He excused himself and said he would see me in about 30 minutes and talk to me about the job. He returned about 15 minutes later and said that there had been a major problem at one of their other facilities and he would have to leave and he would contact me later in the week to reschedule the interview.

    A week later I again met him at the plant and we went into the reception area and he asked the receptionist for my application. She informed him that she threw it away! He asked why, and she said she was told that they were not hiring.

    Well I completed another application, and was hired. Forty-five days later that receptionist and I were married. This all happened 50 years ago. She has mellowed to a certain extent, but if you tell not to do something she’ll not do it. (unless she really wants to)

    Jiggs Elphison

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    What a unique and cool story Jiggs, CONGRATS on the 50 years

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    I guess that's one way to get the receptionist on your side

    Congratulations on a job well done...
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    congrats Mr and Mrs Jiggs..
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    Congrats and a nice story to boot.

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    That's an awesome story Jiggs! Congrats to You and the Mrs...

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    Wonderful heart warming story. Congrats
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    Good Girl there Jiggs
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    neat story jiggs and hey did you see the free advertising we gave you in the tour thread at dons
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    Congratulations to the both of you. That is a major milestone and you are to commended for sticking to your guns. Sounds like you had a great teacher in your sweetie!

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