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Thread: Keep my brother in your thoughts.

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    Keep my brother in your thoughts.

    Recently his house burned to the ground. Fire started near the water heater. He rolled over in bed around 3 AM, flipped his eyes open and register light in the family room. He got up to look and the flames were licking the eaves. He grabbed his pants and called 911. The smoke alarms went off as the windows were exploding. He got out in the nick of time, with pants, shoes, jacket, keys and his checkbook. He has lost everything else. What a mess. It will take months to settle with the insurance company before any rebuilding can begin.

    Fortunately his shop, truck, tractor, and motorcycle survived. Shop was scorched but didn't burn. But no power without a building permit. So while he still has those things, he cannot use his shop. Building permit quite a ways down the road. I've offered him a place to stay but he so far has declined. He is staying in a neighbor's guest house so he can be close by and help prevent any vandalism. He lives about 6 miles from me. I think when he feels he has overstayed in that guest house, he will come here. I hope so. I wanna help but he is being stubborn.

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    Tough situation there Carol...

    Here's to a speedy rebuild and recovery...

    Just glad he was able to get out and has his health.
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    sorry to hear about this.

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    So sorry to hear about this, glad he got out OK. Will keep him in our thoughts.

    A unfortunate reminder, but everyone might do the recall check on the valve on your water heater and furnace. I know there were several out a few years back. Also keep the flammables stored in the proper places.

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    Thats sad Carol so sorry to hear but the bright side, He's still here to rebuild.
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    If theres anything I can do let me know, maybe it's time for a good ole fashion barn raising. I have a portable generator I could bring up for the barn raising..
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    Wow, he was lucky to get out. Glad he is OK.
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    I will keep him in my prayers.

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    We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers Carol. Here's to a speedy rebuild.

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    Glad to hear it was just stuff that got burnt up, it can be replaced, thank goodness your brother made it out..

    Thoughts and prayers sent your family's way!
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