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Thread: sell 1642 for 3520?

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    sell 1642 for 3520?

    I have the Jet 1642-2 and am considering selling it for the Powermatic 3520. Have any of you done such a thing and did you wish you never did it. I don't have the room for both and I also have a Jet 1014 taking up space. Am I crazy for maybe doing this or is it the best idea yet?

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    I don't think you're crazy. I have a plain old 1642 (non-EVS) and would have done the same thing last fall except the 3250 deal fell through.

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    Yer not crazy. There are capability differences between the two. Check them out, as I'm sure you already have, and decide if your turning interests are limited by your current lathe.
    If it just a matter of 'want', then, by all means, you MUST buy the PM and probably a new pick up truck at the same time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    If it just a matter of 'want', then, by all means, you MUST buy the PM and probably a new pick up truck at the same time.
    Quick, someone frame this and put it on the wall.

    We've got a winner here, folks!
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    Frank funny you should mention the pickup truck. I am in the market for a small pickup. Need a wood hauler.

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    Dennis one other thing I always look at. Is it a want or is it a need? Another thing to look at is if you are going to sell say for example bowls you turn. I don't know about your area but every bowl I have turned over 16" I have had to give away or donate to a charity auction. I still have two 18.5" bowls that I have $35 price on them and they are still sitting at the Gallery now for over 2 yrs.
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    Several years ago I had the itch for a 3520b and sold the 1642-2 that I had owned for several years to buy a 3520b. The answer to your question is; It depends on much you value/can spare the $1000 PLUS difference it will probably cost you. The 3520b is a real honey and the last lathe I'll ever buy. It's much heavier duty and can better handle larger bowl work, larger hollow forms, etc. However the 1642-2 really served me well and I had zero complaints with it. In short, if you are not doing stuff that challenges the diameter capacity of the 1642 why bother. That said, I have not been sorry that I made the move, so I guess I haven't helped answer the question. Either way you are blessed to have such good equipment (see the Moroccan turner with the bow lathe). Good luck with the decision. By the way, I found turning 12" and larger bowls significantly easier on the 3520b P.S. I have not added ballast to either lathe when using them. Dale

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    The only thing I got to add is that you can drop off both the Jets here to make room for the new PM
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    I want to thank all of you for your ansewers. After reading these and from another forum I do believe that the 3520 is a want and not a need. I am going to keep the Jet for now and have already started making my extra tool list. My first stop was with Monster tools and then I talked with Doug.
    Thanks Again

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    Congrats on your decision Dennis

    Remember, we need pictures of the new lathe when it gets there!
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