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Thread: Zebra Wood

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    Zebra Wood

    Had this board in my shop for a long time. thought I would put it to use. Only one was to be made but liked it so much I finished off the board. A little spalting thrown in and they came out very nice. About 5 X 2, Antique oil and beal buffed.

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Name:	zebra tea light c (600 x 450).jpg 
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    Cool ones Dennis
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    Zebra wood

    WOW,those are really neat,you done did good

    Hey Toni,you sure don't have ta worry about breaking down,looks like you carry your own tow truck with ya

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    Really nice.
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    I like them... Zebra wood is a great wood to work with and has great grain patterns.. it's pretty hard though.... first zebrawood bowl I made turned out great, but I wound up breaking a tool rest when I got a catch... my fault though, I addressed the wood without making sure the tools was laying on the TR... when it caught it slammed the tool onto the end of the TR and broke the cross bar... it must have been a comic sight, tool in one direction, tool rest in another, the bowl flying across the shop and Chuck ducking and covering in still another direction. Luckily I didn't get a black eye out of that one.
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