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Thread: Tool gloat

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    Tool gloat

    Had a few extra hours at work in the last few months, so Christmas came early from Mr Thompson and Mr Privett. Couple more extra shifts and I can add to the collection. They, and the tools are the best!!
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    Gloat is right. Those are some fine doin's.
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    Very nice, and it looks like you've been using them already as well!
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    Congrats on the tools and handles. Don't get much better than that.
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    Congrats Jim. I'm betting you'll like the Thompson/Privett combination as much as I do. I hadn't though about putting the scraper in one of Randy's handles. I've had one of Doug's scrapers sitting around for a year or more and just haven't gotten around to making a handle for it. I guess I'll have to see if it'll fit any of my Monster handles.
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    Thanks guys.
    Vaughn, I asked Randy about it and he asked for some dimensions. A week later...Shahzzam!! He made a custom machined handle for the same price as the others. He has a customer for life. Thanks Randy!!
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