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Thread: What happened to 6" fret saw blades?

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    What happened to 6" fret saw blades?

    I have two fret saw that use 6 inch saw blades. I went looking for 6 inch blades today and found only 5 inch. What happened to the 6 inch blades. Dose anyone know were I can buy the 6 inch long blades? I live in the US but would pay shipping from anywhere.

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    If you mean the 6", pin-end coping saw blades, then Sears, Hartville Hardware, and several others have them.
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    Thanks for the reply , but I think that the fret saw blades are of finer quality than coping saw and they need to be pin-less.

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    Bill Antonacchio

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    Interesting. Never heard of them. Look like coping saws to me. Except for the price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    Interesting. Never heard of them. Look like coping saws to me. Except for the price.
    Similar look, but a finer and more controllable cut, as I understand it.
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    I've got a couple I use with the shorter 5 inch blades. The ones I have are actually called jewelers saws and I use them for cutting out mother of pearl inlays...
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    I see there is another Gary Foster.

    But you are a single "r"..Hello Anyway. No help with the fret saw blades..


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