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Thread: Good day gone bad

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    Good day gone bad

    Today started off good. Worked in the shop. Planed some Oak. Found the problem with the table saw. Fixed it for now. Made a drawer organizer for drill bits. Day was going great. Then my friend from high school calls. His dad had passed. It was expected, as he had been sick for a good while. While expected, it was still painful. Now I get another call. Another good friend from high school just lost a son in a car wreak. The young man was a senior and a good kid. No he was a great kid. This was unexpected and even more painful. Best I can tell they will be in the same funeral home and at the same time. Next couple days are going to be rough for both familys.

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    Both deserving of our prayers. It's good to know they had a shoulder to lean on when they needed it. Glad you were there. Jim.
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    all I can say is my thoughts go out to them. My neighbor lost her husband on wed of last week and her fater on friday, seems that bad news happens in groups.
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    What tragedies. My thoughts are with the families.
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    Yes what Bob said, tragedies. May you be a strength for them through this troubled times. Death, inevitable, yet generally a surprise and unexpected.

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    Well so far so good with both familys. Thanks for the thoughts.

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    Both families are in my prayers Steve. And you are too. It's not easy to be there for friends in times like this.


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