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Thread: Another pair of skew chisels

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    Another pair of skew chisels

    I really like rescuing chisels from oblivion. I found this pair of Greenlees in the dark basement at an estate sale. They were pretty rough, and have these ugly plastic Greenlee handles that are sort of growing on me. Anyway, I've been wanting a pair of 3/8" [and 1/4"'] skew chisels for half blind dovetails. These were perfect. A bath in Evaporust, then some grinding and honing, and here they are:

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    Great find and you can always turn new handles. Or if youd like send em here and I'll make new handles for ya. I promise to send em back to ya, some day....
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    Don, initially I was going to turn some handles, but then I decided to keep em green, for now anyway.

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    Green is good -- !!
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