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Thread: What I have learned

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    What I have learned

    My first piece of "real furniture" is almost done. It is just a small cabinet (no photos in this thread) The only woodworking I've done in the past 10 years or so has been small items, pens, pendants and such. I have learned much from this current project. Here's my list.

    1. Don't use that bottle of glue that has been sitting in the closet for 10 years. New glue works much nicer.

    2. Have a real plan before you begin. Don't design on the fly.

    3. I don't care what your building....You will need more clamps.

    4. Wood putty should not be your most used tool.

    5. If your shop is in your garage....Park your wifes car outside before you start sanding.

    6. Take your wifes car the the car wash.

    7. When you think your done sanding....your not.....sand some more.

    8. If your can of stain is oil based and the can says cleanup with mineral some, because soap and water does not work.

    9. If you have a box of gloves.....use them

    10. The more you hurry... the longer it takes.

    11. Enjoy it as much as I have! LOL

    My project will certainly not win any prize but I enjoyed working with wood again. That's made up for it all.

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    Yup.... Woodworking is such a learning experience...

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    Well put Tom
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    Scholarly words indeed. Looking forward to seeing the results of your "education".
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    While I subscribe all your sentences, I must say (not willingly) NO PICS DIDN'T HAPPEN
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    well tom, you have gotten threw the first grade now your gonna find out that what you learned so far is just a tip of the ice berg looking forward to seeing your first project and your future ones as well.
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    number 11 is the most important.

    Id have to add 2, never get discouraged, and blades are very unforgiving.

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    Nice one Tom! I just witnessed #8 last week... tried using my hand to clean out a brush under running water. A brush that was filled with oil based kilz. Didn't work too well Many good points in there

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Baer View Post
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    haha +1

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