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Thread: A few bowls I've been working on

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    A few bowls I've been working on

    Just wanted to prove I've been doing something....I don't have a working digital camera, but a friend took pics and posted them on my facebook page, so here they are. Sorry for the lack of photo box quality images; one day I'll get my crap together and get some professional quality pictures.
    These were all sanded to 600. Minwax antique oil, no buffing except 3M synthetic steel wool between coats.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Group of bowls.jpg   curly cherry.jpg   curly cherry 2.jpg   cherry root burl.jpg   pecan.jpg  

    Red maple 2.jpg   red maple burl.jpg   Spalted red oak.jpg  

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    Hot dawg, those all look very nice. I especially like the one in the fourth picture with the wavy edge. Great job on the whole batch.
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    Beautiful bowls. Interesting photo studio.
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    Those are really very nice -- thanks for sharing.

    Hope your hand is healing - note from Sawmill creek posting..
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    Even without buffing the finish looks excellent. Great job.

    I also like your photo tent.

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    Really nice bowls Nathan. Well done.
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    Nathan, I like the natural edge bowls alot. They are all very nice but those were my favorites of this group. Well done!

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    Holy cow, you must be turning a lot of air with that wavy edged natural bowl...

    I've got to check out how to do that. I can't even visualize what the blank must look like before you start.

    Very cool!
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    Thanks for the compliments folks. And, as to my "studio", yep; that there studio cost me $18K!!! Hopefully I can afford a decent digital camera sometime this summer. The trouble is, I have used my father's nice Canon Rebel digital before, and have been SPOILED! Once you use a nice SLR digital, anything less is just not the same. I can't point and shoot; I just can't! Hopefully he'll let me buy or have one of his three lenses; two are nearly identical, and go macro to telephoto. As far as turning air, you're right about that! It was a bowl that just wouldn't have worked with a non variable speed lathe--I had to adjust for the weird harmonic vibrations when shear scraping that one. Steady, steady, steady! Honestly it wasn't that difficult; you just have to have a really sharp edge, and a really smooth tool rest to allow very even, fluid movement. I keep a file and a block of paraffin wax handy.

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