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Thread: I'm gonna be sore tomorrow . . .

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    I'm gonna be sore tomorrow . . .


    I'm spent the day working on an outdoor project. I needed the fix the grade of an area in the yard where my yard slopes off into the woods.

    I spend last weekend putting in a line of 4 x 4 x 8 pressure treated timbers as a line of demarcation. One side is lawn, the other side is the woods.

    The only saving grace is that I got to play with a cool toy. It was a Toro Dingo walk behind machine with Toro's version of a Harley rake.

    It can cut a 36" wide swath of soil and turn it over down to a 5" depth. My soil is heavy clay and rocky so it was a challenge, but it go the job done.

    The picture is a Dingo and attachment on the trailer. We were towing this behind a Dodge Grand Caravan and it was a little scary - that's a lot of weight behind a Caravan.

    Wow - I just looked closer at the picture - that trailer needs a little TLC.

    I need to take some pictures of the finished job, but I'm too tired right now and it's still hot outside. Why did I do this job on a 90 degreee day in MAY? May 2nd to be exact . . .

    The good news is the heaviest thing I need to do around this job for the immediate future is move the sprinkler around and water the grass seed.


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    I'm sore just thinking about all that work.

    I gotta rent one of those. My backyard has turned to hardpack and is a dust bowl.
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    I want to see pictures of the terrace---90 degrees/ wait wait did I say wait

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    Wow 90 degrees. It's in the 70 here and this is the desert. Take a hot shower have a cold one and put your feet up.
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