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Thread: We lost the argument with the big orange borg employee

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    We lost the argument with the big orange borg employee

    Im not sure how stores like this remain in business.

    (well, I know how, but thats not the point)

    I missed my local hardware last night, he closed at 6, I had just left work, and didnt make him.
    I wanted to pick up some Kilz for this morning, to block out some stained sections of my stairs, and paint it all white.
    After dinner, my wife and I headed for the orange borg.
    Its only 1.5 miles from my house, but I wanted to have it when I got up today so I could get going.
    When we got to the cashier, I handed her the kilz and the 220 grit sandpaper I had.
    She seemed to be having a problem with the scanner, with the kilz, so I asked her, "do you want me to get a different can, maybe the..." but she interrupted me and said, "sir, just be patient, Ill get it!"
    She said it in a very condenscending way, snobbish to be accurate.
    I looked at my wife, we shrugged it off, lets just get in and out of here.
    Im holding a twenty in my hands, knowing the kilz is 14 and change, and the sandpaper is like 3 and change ,I believe. Wasnt sure with tax if a twenty would handle it.
    So Im waiting for her to give me the price, she just looks at me, and my wife notices the credit card pad where the price shows, and my wife says,"excuse me, I think theres something wrong."
    Now the cashier rolls her eyes, and says, "NO, Nothing is wrong, you will get 11.(whatever change she said) back from the twenty. You have 2 items, do you want me to explain it to you?"
    My wife said, "No, thankyou very much, have a nice evening."

    I also tried to ask about the change when she handed me 11 and change, since the kilz was almost 15 by itself.(the cashier shook her head, I did not see the receipt, without my glasses, I cant see the credit card pad)

    She double rang the sand paper and we tried twice to tell her she was wrong, but she insisted we were just being inpatient.

    amazing. simply amazing.

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    You tried Allen. Must be that new math in school. You would think the cashiers would have some type of clue as to what things cost in the store they are working. My wife did when she was a cashier. Not the exact price but a good idea of what it costs.

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    You get what you pay for and that includes employees. You pay low wages, you generally get employees that are worth half what you're paying. You pay a decent wage and supply a decent work environment and you generally get better than your are paying for. Unfortunately, this logic does not only escape the big box stores ;-)
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    While there yesterday, I was handed something I was told was a standard disposable oxygen cylinder. However, I missed the small print that said "reverse threaded." Now, I suspect they won't let me return it, and certainly won't refund the $60 it's going to cost me to replace my (insert expletive here) torch.
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    I hate to say it, but it could be a regional thing. Since moving to Nevada, I've found the help even at places like the Borg to be so much more friendly and helpful, I've been shocked...
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    I agree with Alan. You tried to do the right thing, but when refused, who are you to start an argument?

    Most of the time when a cashier undercharges or overpays me, they are genuinely surprised and pleased that I speak up about it. But I've also had a few occasions like yours, Allen, where they were NOT going to be told they were wrong. Their loss, IMHO.
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    must be a new york thing, never had a problem here...
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    Employee behavior at a big chain store is reflective of the local management. However, I'll make an exception to that statement for Home Depot. Their service seems to always consider the customer as the least important factor in the equation. Do some searches and you will find reasons why I no longer even go into a HD. Would rather drive many miles or do without.
    And, I'm not alone feeling this way. Our local HD and Lowe's are near each other. The HD parking lot would be a safe place to play cannons. Lowe's is invariable packed.
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    Nah, you didn't lose the argument with her, you were assimilated and just don't know it yet. Do you feel light headed at all? Jim.
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    It would be real interesting to have taken a case like this to the management and seen their reaction. My vote is with what Frank said. I bet the Manager is just the same.

    It aint complicated customer service but it is something that you have to believe in.

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