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Thread: Flooding in Tennessee

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    Flooding in Tennessee

    Please keep those family members in Tennessee in your thoughts. Just got home from a very long day of trying to get home from Nashville. They've had a record amount of rain there this weekend causing lots of flooding. Got a good view from the air once we finally got to take off and it was pretty wide spread. Hope everyone is doing well and things dry out soon.

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    Will do.

    Lots of folks are going to be needing some help I reckon, from both the flooding and the oil spill...
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    I hope everyone will be ok. My mil is driving down to see her granddaughter graduate at the end of the month. Will be passing thru Knoxville probably on wednesday. Will keep an eye on the news in that area for her.

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    I've been watching the flooding all day... sure glad I'm in East Tennessee and up on the side of a hill... I feel for those poor folks in Middle Tennessee... I remember being in Houston during Allison... I sat in a Black funeral home with four of the finest gentlemen I ever met for almost 20 hours before I could get home... Those fine gentlemen all came out in a driving rain and helped me push my car up close to the building after I flooded it out turning into the parking lot... the water was almost 2 feet deep in the parking lot... over waist deep out in the street.

    It's just starting to rain here, so maybe the rain has moved eastward and away from the Nashville area.
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    We had way to much rain. My place made it all right as we are on a small hill. Now if you we're to go 5 miles down the road that's a different story. Selmer had a toronado rip up part of the town. Jackson (where i work) got hit bad.I talked to my boss yesterday and he said that it was a mess up there.Radeo said it was a island for a while. No way in or out. I'll find out in a little bit as i need to get my duff off this putter and try to get up there and do some more work on that big house.

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    keep us informed steve, dont have floats on my truck
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    a few years back I had a Water heater leak while we were at work, came home to water in a finished basement, not much but the floor was flat so it wandered all about before reaching the drain, Carpet, boxes, shop wood ,etc all was touching water. I know how much work it was to deal with "less than an inch" of water, How in the heck could I deal with a real flood.

    My heart and prayers go out to those folks...

    Anybody know if Franklin was included in that mess?

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    I hope that the state are able to help everybody//including the homes that are in remote locations

    will this flood help to keep the oil slick in check ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Simpson View Post
    Anybody know if Franklin was included in that mess?
    Appears to have been included, some pics at the link below that state they are pics from Franklin, TN

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    My cousin just E-mailed me from down there... They are safe and clear but 5 have perished. Opryland Hotel flooded and evacuated. Looks like a terrible mess.

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