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Thread: White Oak burl on driftwood

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    White Oak burl on driftwood

    I recently got some white oak burl from a man in Kentucky who is a friend of my brother-in-law. I turned this little hollow form and am sending it to him as a "thanks". I have it perched on this piece of driftwood now, but to be honest I'm not real crazy about the combination. My wife, however, seems to love it. So I guess it stays. I still have to tweak the pedestal a bit. I took a wire brush to the driftwood to clean it up, then torched it a bit to add some color. All comments/critiques/suggestions/etc welcomed.

    The hollow form is about 6" wide and about 3.5" tall.

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    i love the oak burl. one day im going to have to get a lathe..........
    (mho) i think you are right about the driftwood it fights with the oak.

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    Looks great!
    Should be a real conversation piece.

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    I'm with your wife. I like it together.

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    Personally, I like the way the driftwood and turning work together.

    Its neat to see the organic driftwood composed with the turned form. And the turned form has a lot of pockets in it.

    To my eye, it works... I can't see one without the other.
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    Love the HF, wow, that is a beauty, dunno about the driftwood combo, it seems to overpower the HF, IMHO, I'd like to see a pic of the HF by itself for comparison.

    Very nice work indeed Mark, thanks for sharing it
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    I like the hollow form and I like the combo.

    Just for the sake of experimentation, I tried moving the HF a bit...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WhiteOakBurl01 Mark CothrenT.jpg 
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    Dunno if it's any better, but I thought I'd toss it out there as food for thought.
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    mark love the hollow form and base. I do belive it would look a little better sitting lower as vaughns pic shows.Ether way really nice piece.

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    FWIW, lower might be better but Vaughn also moved it to the left, more in the "dip." Leave it higher, as though 'tossed' on the wave of the driftwood. The little 'post' it sits on in the original is distracting. Hide that and you have a better winner. But don't nestle it.

    Just sayin'....

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    Dunno how it strikes me.
    It's art. Some will love it, some won't.
    It is what it is. But you did very nice work, I'm sure he will appreciate.
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