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Thread: Red Deer Gun Show This Week End Was .....

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    Red Deer Gun Show This Week End Was .....

    A success with 197 tables and 2,017 walk-in's over the two days.
    Sold 2 Elegant Beauty Duck Feather and 1 Pheasant Feather pens, 3 Canadian Shredded Money Cigars, 2 Canadian Shredded Money Sierras,
    14 Rifle Cartridge Bullet Pens, 1-50 Cal Cross, 1-50 Cal Parker and various Bullet and Antler Key Rings and Tooth Pick Holders.


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    Good job, Les, Glad it was a success..
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    Nice job Les. You sure have a nice table setup.

    Been to a gun show or two, but never seen a table like yours....
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    It is good to here some one had a lot of sales. Hope to do my first show in the fall. Will be happy with half of those sales.

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    Sounds like a good day indeed, Les. Congrats on the sales.
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    Great day Les
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    Congrats on a good day selling.
    You have many fine looking pens there. Also looks like many made with antler.
    Also, a PM sent.
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    Well done Les, seems lots of people interested in the shredded money Eh!

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