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Thread: New Tool

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    New Tool

    A while back I asked everyone about selling my 1642 for a 3520. I then said that I would not sell. I did use the money for a new tool. A wood hauler. Been needing a truck for a long time. This one was only affordable because I did not get the lathe. It would be considered a work truck for most because it doesn't have a lot of the extras.

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    Congrats, Dennis. Looks like it'll make a great wood hauler. It may not have a lot of extras, but it still looks comfy and capable.
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    Nice looking truck
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    New tools are always cool, especially when they are new trucks

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    You could go to the opera with that. Almost too nice for wood hauling. Nice truck.
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    I bet you bought that because a 3520 boxed up would fit right in the back to haul home.

    Nice truck.

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    Great looking truck Dennis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Douglass View Post
    I bet you bought that because a 3520 boxed up would fit right in the back to haul home.

    Nice truck.
    ding, ding, ding....I think we're on to you Dennis.

    Now you can plan for the mustard better down the road and start hauling some BIG blanks too! congrats!
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    Nice Truck! But don't tell me its going to fit into the shop?
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    nice wood hauler.

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