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Thread: woodworker's craft show announcement!

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    woodworker's craft show announcement!

    attention! all you woodworkers (spinny guys too i guess) in the minnapolis/st. paul minnesota metro area. i'm putting together a woodworker's craft show, saturday, june 5th, from 9 am (that's breakfast time larry), until 6 pm. it will be at the community pavillion at the rainbow foods store on larpenteur ave. in roseville. now here's the good part, since the site is free, there is no fee for fellow woodworkers to set up a table. i estimate that each wing of the site (they're joined at a 90 degree angle) is about 60 ft on a side, there should be plenty of room, but space is first come first served. all that you need to bring is a table (with suitable tablecloth), a chair, your goods, and your own happy selves. it's a heavily trafficed area, with traffic going to rainbow, and the setup from linder's greenhouse. so, if you're in the metro area, and are interested, drop me a line at thanks again, and hope to see you there!

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    Thanks for the thought, but I already have something goin' on - The first show of the year. Hope you get a lot of takers.

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