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Thread: Anyone know about this

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    Anyone know about this

    My father-In-Law aquired a trying plane that looks identical to this. I am wonderig if anyone knows of make/model of the plane attached. Please forwad any information avail to



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    You might have better luck on the Hand tools forum here.
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    jason this should give you some more insight on what you may have,, they usually have a name embossed in them somewhere which helps to identify the maker.. but many were made by the user themselves.. here is a link to more info..
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    Chances are that's a user-made plane. Many of the solid wood ones were (are). There were makers like Sandusky, or Ohio Tool, who made 'woodies,' but didn't mark them.

    Perhaps yours is marked - most were marked by stamping the makers name, and perhaps a model number into the toe end.

    If it's not marked, identifying it will likely be a crap shoot proposition. Seriously, good luck with that!
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