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Thread: Eggbeater refurb

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    Eggbeater refurb

    So I have this very nice little Goodell-Pratt eggbeater. Cocobolo or rosewood handle that unscrews to hold bits, real nice and smooth mechanism, but some time ago some previous caretaker sprayed the wheel with some awful gold metallic paint. And the little knob that you don't spin was broken. I had some good shop time yesterday, and turned a new knob, fitted it to a LV ferrule, and re-painted the gear wheel with a bright red thick spray enamel. I'm real happy with it. Anyway, here it is:

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    good use of a old gem, ken,, if only it could tell of its past but you will soon be telling its new story
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    One of the good oldies, with the double drive & idler gear, and the heavy cast iron driver. Nice restoration!
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    Nice refurbish Ken. I love those old school tools.
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    So, does the battery go in the handle or what?

    That is indeed a nice-looking drill. I don't recall seeing one with that heavy of a main gear, and you sure did a great job cleaning it up. I've got an old eggbeater drill that was my granddad's...among a few other partially rusted and fully neglected tools. Getting it cleaned up is on my "one of these days" list.
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    Very nice job Ken!

    I've got a Record eggbeater cordless, similar to that, but not nearly as nice. It was the first tool I ever bought in Japan, besides my bicycle tools that I brought with me from Canada. I still find uses for it.

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    This will convince the doubters that I am truly nutso.
    I threw away or sold at yard sale, about a half dozen similar to that one.
    Had to go look, wasn't sure.....I did keep two. They are hanging on the pegboard above my bench. Haven't used them once since hanging there seven years ago.
    Yours looks real good, very nice restoration.
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    Very nice restoration Ken You sure brought back memories with that one. Reminds me of the frustration I used to have when Dad would only let me use the eggbeater type he had. He had two but the one i got to use had only one gear meshing point and i think by the time i had it in my hands the bearing in the center was shot so boy it was a challenge to use. I begged and begged but he was not letting me near the drill press.

    Never did get the hang of drilling with them things.

    Oh and do you remember the drill types that have a single shaft and a pin vice sort of chuck that you screw down and the rotation is caused through the spiral shaft being forced to turn by a waychamacallit that you pushed up and down. Sorta like the old survival bow fire making method minus the bow. Oh boy that was in my very first toolkit back when i was i gues 7or8. Along with the metal blade saw that bent the first time you put it to wood.

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    I keep one with a small bit it handy. I use it all the time. Mine is just a cheap one and I would like a well built one. But it is surprising how handy that thing is, I use it all the time.
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