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Thread: Another project with a finish issue

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    Another project with a finish issue

    I had 8 or so vessels sitting around and the other day I started to apply a finish to them. Nothing real fancy this time just a couple coats of shellac on 1/2 of them and analine dye on the others. I used Deft rattle can spray laquer and put on multiple coats (meaning 5 or more).

    What i noticed is that no matter how many coats i kept adding on, I kept getting these small needle like dots on the finish and im not sure what is causing the problem.........wood is dry, sanded to 220 or more, the ones with shellac have 2-3 coats and steel wooled before laquer finish - others just sanded and Danish oil coated and then laquer.............anybody else experience this??? solutions ? .............see pic below and look close you will see the pin dots im talking about

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    My guesses are either old lacquer or too thick of application. But those are only guesses, not based on any real experience.
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    I had a similar problem with a couple of my finishes, I never did track it down, but I think I most likely got something on the piece via my grimy fingers that caused the problem, all I could do was sand it down, and start over
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