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Thread: i guess those led bulbs do save money...

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    i guess those led bulbs do save money...

    after i got the electric bill last month, i decided to start swapping out incandescent for led bulbs (they last longer(about 8 yrs) than cfl's, and no mercury). i swapped out the entire living room, the chandelier fixture in the dining area, and one other light. today i got the new bill, and i was quite surprised. last month's bill was a little over 46, this month's bill was just a touch over 25. i guess they're earning their keep.
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    That is a good deal less Dan, how much are the LED lights costing over there, here, they are still around $28 each Which over their lifetime (they are saying 10 years here) I know is cheap, but man, to swap out 10 of them bulbs is not cheap up front

    Just curious.

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    they were all around 9 dollars to swap out, except for the one fixture, it was 29. still, it's 21 that's staying in my pocket this month, and next month, and even the month after that...
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    Lou Ann and I were watching a home improvement show where the guy put LED lights along a pier (kind of like a landing strip effect). He claimed mosquitoes don't see/aren't attracted to LED lights.
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    $46.00 for an electric bill is very low already. You must have all gas appliances or you never shower or wash clothes.
    We are stuck with the new bulbs. I switch only when a current incandescent burns out. I do not like the delay time for them to get up to full brightness. With mercury and other materials in them for the transformer and what all, there are hidden costs that get passed on. I'm not a fan.
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    Good for you Dan. I changed to the CFLs when i first moved here but have not looked at what the difference between them and LED would be. Probably another good step down.

    While we on this subject, the local gov here has taken some good initiatives imho with regards to power conservation which in the long run favor the tax payer and when you think about it are a great use of technology.

    1) We have just has smart meters installed. Now we get billed at variable rate based on when you use the power. Idea being to shift the usage pattern to off peak periods which alleviates the need to build more power stations to cope for convenience of consuming in the peek.

    2) Along with the old pager networks and new Honeywell thermostats they have implemented a program where they replace your old thermostat provided you have aircon, for free and at the same time install a load shedding switch which is controlled through the old pager network. Now when it comes to summer and there are days when the aircon of a lot of people runs 24/7 and demand peaks they can shut off for 15 minutes on a random basis the aircon at your home. This is no biggie if you were running it cause it will only be 15 minutes but on a pronicial wide basis this will add up to significant load shedding. Another initiative that better manages use of the power being generated.

    What you can also do is go onto a website for you home and send a signal to your home system to set the temp. So if you been away and left the aircon off and are say 2 hours from home you can use your mobile phone to initiate getting the system to cool the house or in winter heat it to a particular temp. You cannot read the temp since the system is not bi directional comms.

    I guess there are many of these kinds of initiatives that are possible with technology today that on their own are small but tallied up in a group are significant contributions. There are also naturally environmental benefirts that go with this besides the deferment of capital spend.

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    My bill is around $150.00 a month. That includes my well pump, my shop, 2 refrigerators, and the usual household stuff like washer and dryer. I did change a bunch of bulbs to the new style and they last a lot longer but they don't cast as much light. It seems to me anyway. I'm not a big fan yet. You can get a package of 10 at the local borg for around $15.
    I switched my ecectric water heater to propane years ago and that saves around 25% of what it costs vs electricity. We have 2 window AC units but they are only used maybe 10-15 days a year at most.
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    Oil heat in house; gas heat in shop; gas clothes dryer, water heater, and cook stove; and still my bill averages $170.00!

    Lights are CFLs/flourescents wherever practical, too.

    What're you doing, Dan - siphoning off power from the neighbors?
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    Gosh you folks have cheap electric. I don't think I have ever had a bill below $200.

    I did get a coupon today from the local electric co-op. Exchange 15 regular bulbs for 15 CFL's (free of charge). They do this from time to time. Also give out 1 free if you pay your bill with in so many days from receipt.

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    All Electric here. Electric bills border on $400 in the summer and thats with the thermostat set at 80. Spring and fall it's below $200
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