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Thread: cutting board

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    cutting board

    My daughter needs a cutting board for her new place.
    So, of course, Daddy made her one. We are going to visit later today, I'll give to her then.
    It is made from maple and walnut. Is 10"X15 1/2"X1 1/4" thick. It is fairly heavy so should set solid on the counter when in use.
    First one I have made since getting my jointer. Old way was not ideal.
    Finished with mineral oil only.
    Nice to be getting back in shop after the winter then many civic and political demands taking my time. I need this 'cave' time to stay sane. Unfortunately, not working.
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    Looks great Frank. I'm sure she will appreciate it.

    I think maple and walnut are a great to use together.
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    Nice looking board Frank Yep she will love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bower View Post
    I think maple and walnut are a great to use together.
    Sure works in ice cream.

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    Very nice, Frank. Hard to beat the maple/walnut combo, and that's a great thickness, too. At 1 1/4", I'll bet it's got a nice heft without being too much to move and store in the kitchen.
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    Looking good Frank, and I know what you mean by cave time. I'm itching to get in the shop, but too much work and too many spring time outdoor things needing doing that is keeping me from it...

    Maybe if I claim my sanity is at risk I could get out of some of the outdoor projects?
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    Looks good Frank. How much mineral oil do you use on these? Just a wipe or dunking?

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    That's a beauty. Always handy to have around and good looking to boot.
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    Nice one Frank! It seems that most people enjoy making a cutting board once in a while. They don't usually take too long to make and then look great.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    Looks good Frank. How much mineral oil do you use on these? Just a wipe or dunking?
    Rob, when I make em I just pour it on and spread it around, let it sink in and then wipe off any excess.
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