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Thread: mountain lion

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    mountain lion

    Some might remember my project of Tigger
    I just had to try a realistic version so I carved a mountain lion, it's about 4 foot long and about 24" high. I know the snarl isn't accurate , but then I have never had a mountain lion snarl at me and I don't know if I would really want one too either. The colors could have been more realistic also. But here it is anyway, hope you enjoy it.
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    that looks pretty sharp virgil, what kind of wood is it made out of? and as for the snarl well i am in the same boat,wouldnt want to be close enough to one snarling to get the right "mental picture"
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    Virgil that is way cool!!!!! I am envious!!!! I have this ability to always pick up a piece of wood and open my pocket knife and cut myself!!! I am always amazed at whittlers, carvers and such. I don't know about the snarl or the color, but I knew what it was and man that is so neat!!! Great job!! So, how long did it take to make??

    Virgil, somehow I missed Tigger, man that is neat also!!!! Chainsaw?!! Talent my friend, pure unadulterated talent!!! The damage I do to myself trying to whittle with a pocket knife, don't think I will attempt the chainsaw art. (even though with a dull chain I do make good curves!!!). Very nice work, I am envious!!
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    That is defiantly way cool

    The folds you made in the skin on his face make the snarl look really realistic. Man I wish I had the talent to carve something recognizable
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    Way wild!
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    Realistic enough that if someone happened upon it at night, there might be some dirty shorts Nice job

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    Thank you for the compliments, it started out as a pine log as well as tigger did. I am into regular woodworking more than this kind of art form but every once in awhile I have to break free and go for the gusto. Most of the professionals have thousands tied up into their saws, bars and chains. I can't do that. This was done with an oridinary chainsaw. I roughed it out with a large Dolmar then switched to a de limbing echo after that I went with more traditonal tools. It took 15 hours just woodburning the fur in. (boring) LOL then followed up with airbrush and transparent paints. Here is a shot of it in the carving and woodburning stage.
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    Well Virgil, you just left me mouth open. Making a big carving is one of the things I want to do some day.
    It is really impressive, and as far as the snarl is concerned I have no complaints about it, specially if you had to figure it out. If I had to do it, I would have to look for pictures in order to be able to get half as right as you did.

    BTW How long did it take you to carve it?
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    I want one, if you could add bigger teeth [2] it would be a sabre-tooth lion

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    Amazing, the talent we have here just keeps on amazing me. Tom said it i think there would be some pretty dirty shorts if one came across this boy in the yard in the evening.

    Well done

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