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Thread: Model T Ford

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    Model T Ford

    Here's a video on how they made the Model T Ford, interesting watching how they made the wooden spoked wheels. Ol' Henry had him a quite a going concern! I wonder what ever happened to that 15 millionth car??
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    I thnk most of us have seen portions of that video at some time. But, in all, it was interesting and informative. I would like to see our cars get back to simple and reliable again.
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    I've not seen any of it before. Very interesting.

    Cars will never be simple again, but they've come a long way in reliablity the last several years.

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    Very cool. Thanks for posting that!
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    I'm not quite old enough to remember the Modle T, but my grandfather had a Model A with a rumble seat that I wanted so bad I could almost taste it... he drove it during the early '50's before he traded it for an early '50's pick up. The guy who bought it, turned it into a hot rod and wrecked it first race....real bummer. I was only 12 or 13, so not likely I would ever have got it myself.

    My family's first car was also a Model A coupe... my dad bought it about 1948 or 1949. We drove around parts of east Texas with two adults and 3 kids under 12 for about a year, then we moved to west Texas and towed a 12 foot trailer with all our worldly goods. After we got to WT, Dad bought a burned out 4 seater body and switched bodies... so for the next year we ran around modified Model A... we had Masonite on the interior of the car for upholstery. I think he traded that in 1951 for a 1941 frog green sedan...
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    Very cool, Dan. I hadn't seen most of that footage. I liked the family going for a drive (with the kid in the back seat bouncing up and down), and the off-roading shots.
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    Thanks Dan, that was really interesting.

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    I really appreciate seeing that Dan. It was very informative as well as entertaining and on my own, would never had run across that probably. Good job my friend, appreciate you sharing that video.

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