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Thread: back saw-dovetail saw

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    back saw-dovetail saw

    ok, i know they are two different uses, but i am looking for a combo saw that would do both jobs adequately. not the best but good enough for a rookie. it could be a old relic or new saw.. and i dont want to spend a arm and leg for it. times are tough and the use isnt a daily thing. thanks for the info forth coming
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    Well Larry, dovetail saws have a thinner kerf and more teeth per inch because they are used for that sort of joinery. You must also remember that dovetail saws are filed rip.

    Does that mean that they don't cut crossgrain? Not at all, they do but not so well and the same applies viceversa.

    If I were you instead of wanting an all purpose saw, I would buy a good dovetail saw ( that you don't have now) and later on buy a tenon saw. Or viceversa if you think that you're going to make more tenons than dovetails which I doubt, because there are more dovetails than tenons on a piece that has at least one drawer.

    With the dovetail saw you'll be able to make good dovetails and if you need to cut tenons you can still make them on your table saw without much trouble.

    If you want to make dovetails with a thicker and less teeth per inch saw, you can but the final result will be dissapointing or so I think.

    If you do not want to spend money on a premium saw, the veritas dovetail one seems a good choice to me.

    These are my two cents, I hope they help.
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    One of the cheaper new dovetail saws is the Lee Valley Veritas set. There's both crosscut and rip models, and you can get both of them for way less than the Cosman dovetail alone costs.

    I saw them - and tried one out - at the Columbus show a few months ago, and have been really tempted to get one.
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    I recently got mine, a Disston, at an antique shop. Very good condition except teeth were worn. Had them sharpened to rip. Total investment on a good saw and collectible antique, about $30.00.
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    Earlier today, someone posted about
    and their appreciation to taking care of a problem with their order. I happened to look on the site, ran across this page,
    maybe it will help, maybe it won't. Just offerring it up as a choice, I have no personal interest or experience.

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    Hey Larry I got this in an e-mail today from Lie-Nielson


    The Dovetail Saw we’ve made for many years has a .020" thick saw plate. Our newest Dovetail Saw has a .015" saw plate. As a result this saw, with the same number of teeth, cuts extremely fast and precisely. Set is .003" per side, 15 ppi rip cut, Curly Maple handle. To order your Thin Plate Dovetail Saw, please visit our website:
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