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Thread: Minimax E16 Bandsaw

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    Minimax E16 Bandsaw

    I purchased a MM CU300 and the E16 approx 1 & 1/2 years ago. While the E16 is a very nice bandsaw (it replaced an older Jet 14" -- not even a small comparison), it has seen very little use.

    I paid the following:

    $1695 (reduced price due to other purchase);

    $149 (tax - darn CA)

    $212 (Lenox Trimaster Carbide 3/4" 3S resaw)

    $125 (4 Timberwolf blades 2-3/4's, 1/2 & 1/4)

    $200 (shipping)

    $50 (cord and plug - comes without)

    Total: $2431.00

    I need to rid myself of "toys" that see little use. Some of the blades have never been used and others only a few times.

    I'd like to get $1750 for the machine which is less than 75% of the above. It is local pickup only -- Central Valley, CA. The only blemish I could see is the scratch on the table that is shown in the pics. Have no idea how it got there and it in no way affects performance.

    **Little note** I don't have to sell this to feed the family or anything. So, please I'll take an offer, but no crazy offers, OK?

    Thanks for looking. Jeff
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