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Thread: Stu---I-Carver???

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    Stu...since you brought up your testing of the I-carver in the SS about an update.

    How is the intense "testing" going?
    Any idea from your inside sources as to when it is going to be avail to the great USA?

    With Shopbot playing around with the new Tyro, I'm thinking it is finally time to buy a baby CNC Router....


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    I've not had much to do with it for a while, I was actually thinking about that the other day, I should get back at it.

    I'm having a minor software problem, that they partially fixed, but not all the way, I've not heard from them in a while. I can use the machine and should use it more, but the minor problem sometimes makes things go sideways and it is frustrating to have that happening all the time.

    I fear with the economy down so bad, they might have put this on the back burner for a while. I do know that they were in talks with several large tool companies about making this tool for said company, but I've got no other details.

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