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Thread: Little Gloat, It's here

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    Little Gloat, It's here

    I just posted about the Hot amazon deal, for anybody else. I picked up a Hitachi 10" Miter, fixed not slider. $94.99, when I went to check out, I was ask to fill out for Credit Card to get additional amount off. Did that real quick and got $40 more off. So for $54.99 I am getting it delivered.

    Solves my miter saw dilemma I have been in for a couple weeks. Next thing to do, is to cancel the card when it comes.

    Here is proof. Not a big saw but should work for my miter station, if I ever get that far. With all the discounts and rebates, total was $44.99.

    Anybody want to recommend a good blade? 10"
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