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    We have a little family tradition where wife and I take our grandchildren here for a week each summer. I get the boys, the wife, the girl.
    The boys are 10 year old fraternal twins. Very smart and curious. Completely different personalities. One of the boys has always asked to do something in my workshop. I have been, and still am, reluctant to allow them to use my tools. Their parents are quite protective. Truthfully, I think they caught that from me. But, they ask and I hate to deny them the experience. One wants to turn something, I may work on that.
    Here is the question, what do you who have allowed children to use your shop think of letting a ten year old use: tablesaw, bandsaw, slider-miter, planer, jointer, etc.?
    At this point, I'm sure the tablesaw is an absolute no-no.
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    Jigsaw and select hand tools here. I'm in the same boat. Mine seem to delight in pounding nails in 2x4's. I supervise block plane, chisel, rasps, sandpaper, handsaw, square and brace and bit for building of birdhouses and other small things. These boys are far from ready for any big machinery.

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    As Ted said, most are content to pound nails into wood, but might do a project they can take home and enjoy. We always did either bird houses or cars. I typically cut out most of the parts and let them do the assembly (gluing, screws, nails, etc) and finish work (sanding, paint, etc.).

    My son still has some old projects that he did from way back and he's not a sentimental type of person.

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    my boy is long grown and can do what he wants, but when he was little, I tended to be more protective like you... unfortunately, when he was small I wasn't into woodworking much so I didn't get to teach him all that much. He's pretty talented when he has time to apply to a project and has a nice variety of tools in his own right.

    I have to agree with Ted... no major power tools yet.. with some close observation and lower speeds, he can do the lathe relatively safely... with a face mask ... DAMHIKT...

    But, 10 years old will only come once in their liftetime and working with Grandpa in his shop will be an experience they will never forget. I've always said that the perfect age for little boys is 10 years.... they are still in awe of the world, but of an age where you can talk to them in a more adult manner.... had I had the way... my son would stll be 10.
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    frank, no matter how mature or intelligent the boys are, they are still 10.
    Im middleaged, and make careless mistakes still, thankgod they havent cost me any digits.
    Id never let a 10 y/o near a power tool, even a hand held one.(maybe a drill if I was holding it with him)
    IM with Ted on this. maybe precut out a birdhouse or something, have all the parts rough cut, let them put it together, sand it, finish it,

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    Let them design and do layout Frank. And they can be your supervisor when you do the cutting and with your guidance they can assemble, sand and finish. My granddaughter is 12 and has taken wood shop in school and school will not allow table saw usage until 8th grade but in 7th (which she is in) they were allowed to use a bandsaw. Do let them be involved with you in your shop, IT IS GREAT

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    Home Depot has kid's weekends around me on the first Saturday of every month. The supply pre-cut kits for assembly and finishing.

    There's no reason why you couldn't crank out a project that with some assembly with glue, nails, some sanding and a finish it would be a treasure.

    Tom Niemi's post today is proof -



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