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Thread: A Scoop & Some Sticks.....

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    A Scoop & Some Sticks.....

    Just a quicky here, we are sending a box of stuff to Canada for my daughter, in that will be Grama's b-day present, and I thought I'd quickly whip up something for Grampa for Father's day.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The ice cream scoop is made from some tiger Maple that Peter Rideout brought over to Japan when he visited recently, the pics don't do it justice, and it was some wood from his firewood pile

    The two Chicken Sticks are for starting RC model airplanes, to save your fingers, I saw these >> HERE << and as my dad has been flying RC planes for about 40 years, I thought he might like to upgrade from a screwdriver

    The finish is just wipe on Watco.

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    Certain larger beautiful projects are always great.
    But, to me, being able to make personal items, like those, is the most enjoyable part of owning and using a lathe.
    Way ta go, Stu.
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    I have to second Frank. The best stuff, sometimes, are the ones we do for around the house. Bernie's Christmas ornaments for example. I did a pizza cutter an 2 cheese cutters a while back. And who doesn't want to scream for Ice cream!!! Nice work Stu!!
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    Like any hobby, there are lots of gagets to have and model airplanes are not different. He will love the "chicken" sticks. Great idea. I was such a chicken I quit the put puts and went to RC sail planes.

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    Stu I get the most satisfaction in turning most times with small stuff. Great looking scoops and some pretty good chicken sticks.
    Bernie W.

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    Those look great, Stu. Love the tiger maple from Peter.
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    Cool stuff, Stu. I'll bet that they will be appreciated.

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