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Thread: Follow on my search for a respirator

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    Follow on my search for a respirator

    I ended up buying the Dust-B-Gone and the one recommend by Rob Keebler. Of the two I prefer Rob's choice. You can adjust the fit on it so nothing can get into your lungs, in fact I think if you were not careful you could end up passed out on the floor from lack of oxygen. The Dust-B-Gone is comfortable, but I'm still trying to figure out how the have to get $43.00 for it.

    I was interested in the one that Glenn Bradley spoke of, and he said they were no longer available. I sent the Mfg an E-mail and received the following response. Passing it on in case Glenn may be interested in the reason it's no longer available.


    Aearo Company has been acquired by 3M Company and all AOSafety Respiratory protection products have been discontinued

    You cannot use another manufacturer’s cartridges on an AOSafety mask. It is a NIOSH requirement that cartridges and filters do not interchange between manufacturers. They want to know that the unit that was tested and assigned an approval number has not been altered.

    We do not sell direct. I would check places like Sears, Ace, Sherwin Williams and other smaller outlets that might still have some on the shelf.

    You can check out the 3M web site or call 800-243-4630 to connect with 3M for information on 3M products.


    Again thanks for everyone's help

    Jiggs Elphison

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    Wow that response must be a canned email. I got the same one. Glad to hear the LV mask is nice. I hae it on my wish list. I don't want to have my current mask finally fail and be without one ;-)
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    That's a bummer about the AO Safety respirators. I do have a dual cartridge 3M mask, but it's a lot bulkier than the AO Safety one. I've got some AO cartridges on hand, but I guess I'll start scouring the neighborhood stores to see if I can stock up on more.
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    I agree the price for a Dust Bee Gone seems high for a piece of cloth and a couple strings. But, whatever it is made from works. Works good too and is easily washable. I'm real sensitive to Eastern Red Cedar dust and the DGB keeps me breathing good.
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    I've seen quite a few clever designs for positive-pressure respirators. The idea is pretty simple: Put a great big filter at the open end of a box, put a beefy fan directly behind it to suck air through it, and attach your respirator hose to the closed side of the box. While I suspect the net result is rather uncomfortable, positive pressure in the mask means that leaks won't result in sawdust getting into your face.

    You can see a good one here:

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