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    fife scotland near edinburgh


    hi all from scotland , names ross or roscoe as im known generally, ive been hobby turning on and off for couple of years and would love to get a bit better so heres hoping you guys and girls on here can help with some good advice. just lately i have been looking into turning corn cob pens they really look superb, but one question and i know you lot will end up on the floor eating carpet to stop the giggles but do you all cook the corn cob fist or just leave to go dry naturally,if you cook first how long for etc, now bieng in scotland we have to buy corn cobs in supermarkets so theres not alot lying around that little creatures leave behind, thanks again and please take it easy on me as its my first post , cheers

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    Hello there laddie, welcome to the family. I am sure the spinny guys here will give you tons of help Ross all you need do with the folks here is ask.

    Hope you enjoy your stay.

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    Welcome Ross! I think you will like it here; we have good people with good info.


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    welcome Ross. we have a few pen turners here that are about the best you can find any where, so if you would like your question seen by them and others please try posting in lathe land. Ofcorse they might see it here, but i think you would have better luck over there. Ether way glad to have ya and come on back often.
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    Welcome Ross glad ya found us
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    Welcome aboard, Ross. Always glad to add another turner to the mix. And feel free to post some pictures of your work. We like pics around here.

    As far as I know, the corn cobs used for pens are dried (uncooked), then the corn kernels are removed and the cob is stabilized with resin. I know they're available commercially here in the states, but I don't know if there are any European sources for the pre-made blanks.

    There are several folks here who are stabilizing pen blanks at home. (Frank or Les, please pick up the White Courtesy Phone.) Also, the guys over at the IAP forum will likely have a bunch of additional info:

    Let us know how things 'turn' out.
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    Welcome to the Family Ross.
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    Awesome! Love to have more international members! It's great to get a different perspective on the tools and materials available!

    Wecome aboard Roscoe (If I can call you that)!
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    Welcome to the Family Ross
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    fife scotland near edinburgh
    wow fast responce on here thanks Vaughn for the info and thanks all for the welcome , i joined a forum in the uk last year and still have not had one reply to my post never mind a superb welcome, cheers an get ready for a bombardment of questions lol

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