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Thread: Performax 16/32 Drum Sander

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    Performax 16/32 Drum Sander

    I am upgrading to a 38 inch drum sander, so my Performax/Jet 16/32 has to go. It is located in Austin, Texas, and is not practical to ship.

    The sander is as good as new. The only upgrade over recent years is the larger 4 inch dust port, which my sander has. The open stand is now standard, rather than a separate option, and that stand is included. I have replaced the feed belt and a couple other underrated parts, so it is in excellent shape. The street price of this sander with stand is $999.99 plus tax. I will include my stock of sandpaper - over 20 belts in various grits and condition, plus what is left of my bulk roll or 180 grit paper - probably 20 yards - that makes $100-$200 worth of sandpaper.

    I am asking $750 for the sander with sandpaper, which a couple experts said was a very fair price (OBO). I have the optional casters ($130 option), that you can see in the picture, but I plan to use the casters on my new sander, or will include them with this sander for $90 extra.

    It is being replaced with a Woodmaster 3875 (on sale through the end of May, but with the holiday the salesman thought the sale might be extended into the first week of June). New sander arrives Tuesday
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    Thats one of those tools that when I first saw it I thought , what a waste of money. I could never use one of these. Now It's on the top of my wish list

    Looks like a great deal wish I lived closer. (and had the extra $ )
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