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Thread: Yet Another First Attempt At ...........

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    Yet Another First Attempt At ...........

    Polyester Resin casting using Shredded Canadian Currency.
    Started with a small mold to see how it was going to turn out.
    Mold is 3" X 3" X 1" which is enough to get 3 - 3" X 1" blanks.
    Turned out great with no air bubbled or voids!

    Next attempt will be with a 5.25" X 6" X 1" slab using a mold I made using a plastic cutting board. Will be able to get 7 - 1" X 5.25" pen blanks.


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    I like the look of the Canadian currency better than the American bills. You guts use more colors.

    And as a bonus, the exchange rate makes your pens worth more. If a pen with American currency is worth $20.00, the Canadian version should sell for about $20.90.
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