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Thread: MDF Cabinet

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    Matt Dunlap Guest

    MDF Cabinet

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    Your right MDF wouldn't have been my choice either but hey it looks great.
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    Hey Matt,
    MDF aint sexy, but it gets the job done, don't it. My shop cabinets are mdf, with hardwood edgeband on the countertops.

    Of course, every time I lift a sheet of the stuff, I tell myself NEVER AGAIN!

    I'll bet you have a big challenge building stuff that will stand up to all the kids!!

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    Nice work! A lot of people scorn MDF, but for that type of project, it's ideal. I just really hate all the dust!

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    Looks good. Nice project
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    Looks great! Did you do a wood faceframe to trim the edge of the MDF? Can't tell from the pics.


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    Nice job Matt. I have never, so far, used any MDF how dose it paint? any problems with swelling or things of that nature

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    It's not my first choice either, but it turned out very good!

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Looks nice Matt

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    Very nice Matt! As an interesting aside on MDF (at least I think it is interesting), a well known woodworking author local to me works for a company installing custom made bookcases and non kitchen cabinets in new homes. These homes start at well over $500,000 and go up past the 1 million mark. The bookcases are almost always made of MDF and painted. He said that they are doing a booming business, and when things get dinged on delivery, the offending dent is filled with Bondo , sanded, and painted on the spot!

    Bill Grumbine

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