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Thread: wine stoppers

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    wine stoppers

    I made a batch of bottle stoppers with the silicone ends. First time I have made this kind, previous were with the expensive chrome ends.
    I didn't use the recommended mandrel but will in the future. My idea of chucking up the glued in dowel is not practical. Of ten tried, three busted off.
    These are made from scrap hunks of walnut. As much as I like walnut it is not my favorite for small turning projects. Even though I used sanding sealer, the poly finish did not dry smooth and the end grain top would not dry glossy, just kept soaking in. I pounded in some left over decorative nails for effect. Future ones might have some kind of jewel. These will go to the art gallery as an inexpensive impulse and, hopefully, fast selling item The retail price will be about $7.00 each. My next will be quite a bit smaller and from maple. I'm not sure everyone wants a golf ball sized stopper. BTW, I used a small beading tool to add an accent.
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    Nice looking stopper Frank but odd what the end grain did.
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    Good looking stopper Frank.
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    Frank as i don't sell anything and don't drink, never had a reason to make them. one of these days i'll get where i'm confident enough to try selling turned stuff and hope i can do as good a job as you do.

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