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Thread: Staining various shades of red oak

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    Staining various shades of red oak

    I'm in the process of building a side board and I've had to use solid red oak and oak plywood during building. I would like the final color to be the same but have problems in the past with the solid oak color not matching that of the plywood. What is the best method of staining or dying to ensure both the solid oak and the plywood turn out to be the same color? Any help is appreciated.

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    Hi Greg and welcome.

    First of all I use trans fast and trans tint dyes almost exclusively in my restoration business. I find it easiest to use and do color matching. Wtih the trans fast you can just vary the amount of pigment and water to get the match just right. Good luck and post some picture of you project and how about a shop tour.
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    1st thing we do is wood bleach the red oak usually twice to get it light, if your spraying, we seal with a sanding sealer sand between 3 coats of sealer. Then add color Balhen Stains to tint the sealer, this way we can bring the two together and use different tone on the 2 to get a perfect match. Then finish
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    I've had pretty good luck using Old Masters gel stains.
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    Smile Thanks

    Thanks to you three that responded to my post. I'm headed to the Woodcraft store now for the dye to complete the project.

    Thanks again - Greg

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