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Thread: Just a little Saturday cemetery humor

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    Just a little Saturday cemetery humor

    Just a little Saturday cemetery humor.

    Harry Edsel Smith
    of Albany, New York :
    Born 1903--Died 1942.
    Looked up the elevator
    shaft to see if the
    Car was on the way down.
    It was.
    In a Thurmont, Maryland , cemetery:
    Here lies
    an Atheist
    All dressed up and
    no place to go.
    On the grave of Ezekial Aikle in
    East Dalhousie Cemetery , Nova Scotia :
    Here lies
    Ezekial Aikle
    Age 102.
    Only The Good Die Young.
    in a London , England cemetery:
    Here lies
    Ann Mann,
    Who lived an old maid
    But died an old Mann.
    Dec. 8, 1767
    In a Ribbesford, England , cemetery:
    Anna Wallace
    The children of Israel wanted bread,
    and The Lord sent them manna.
    Clark Wallace wanted a wife,
    And the Devil sent him Anna.
    In a Ruidoso, New Mexico , cemetery:
    Johnny Yeast
    Pardon him for not rising.
    In a Uniontown, Pennsylvania , cemetery:
    Here lies the body of
    Jonathan Blake.
    Stepped on the gas instead of the
    Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it
    still sings!

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    good ones
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    the one about brake pedal "hurts"----too many cases of driver's who want a drive-in building

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