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Thread: Shop Tour

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    Shop Tour

    Hi everyone, havent posted here much, but love the shop tours, today has been raining and cold so it was a perfect day to clean the shop a little and take few pics, its basically half of a full basment, the other half of the basement is finished w/den and bedroom, that is outdated and will soon be taken over as a spray booth and assembly room, but until then this is what I have to work with.

    The saw, shaper and wide belt are the most used tools by far, so I arranged them in the middle of the space, with the saw getting a whole bay to its self, with the outrigger romoved, I get a decent sized assembly area

    Attachment 4128

    This pic is from one garage door looking in, the outfeed table serves as storage for the shaper

    Attachment 4129

    This is the other side of the shop, these tools get used less so they are positioneded against the wall

    Attachment 4130

    I buy all my lumber S2S so the planer is the least used tool in the shop, so I mounted it on a lift cart to save space

    [Attachment 4131

    Attachment 4132

    Thanks for looking

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    Man, that's some serious machinery, Jay. Looks like a nice setup.
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    WOW!! Nice setup Jay. That's quite a large Basement you have there too. With that equipment, I'll bet you're on the "Valued Customer" list at the "Electron Factory" too.

    Now we need to see some Projects from there.

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    Wow Jay, that is impressive!

    Are you in business, or is this just a hobby run amok
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    Wow! That is some serious stuff! Thanks for the post


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    Wow and double WOW! That is some serious stuff you have there...very nice and Thanks for the shop tour......did I mention...WOW!
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    THAT is some heavy duty WW equipment.
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    Half of your equipment won't even fit in my shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Young View Post
    Half of your equipment won't even fit in my shop.

    Heck, his PICTURES of his equipment wouldn't fit in my shop.

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    another one of the pros shows up

    well you got a veryLARGE understanding on the wood working trade,, i wont bother to clean my dungeon for any one to see cause you got more dust in your clean shop than i could hold in my dungeon,, just one question what is tha large blue framed piece next to your edge sander. nice tour and thanks for the display.
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