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Thread: dangerous territory

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    dangerous territory

    I had enough today and was calling it a day, wanted to clean up some molding(what else), so I came in to take a snooze, and ring a ding, my cell phone goes off at 3pm, it was my new tool guy. Hey, your festool accessory kit is here.
    Off I went 30 minutes later, and when I got there, I realized I still had my tenants rent money in my wallet from Saturday. Very dangerous. Very, very dangerous.
    I mosied around the power tools, I picked up a new TS blade, bought some more track for the plunge saw, and a couple countersink bits, and then smacked myself and said hey, that money is for gas and maintenance, get a grip boy. I was close to buying a milwaukee sawzall and hammer drill.
    REally close with the sawzall. Im glad I got out only 140 bucks lighter.This is an amazing tool store, with amost every tool sold on display, not to mention every bit, blade, accessory, hanging somewhere.
    My wife said, too bad you dont live closer to that tool store, and I said no, its a good thing.

    I did just get my hands on a nice piece of Kent Coffee furniture at 9:15 tonight. My good friends were redoing a room, didnt need it, its like a mans armoire, 5 feet high, 39 inches wide, in great shape, so I called my son, he wanted it and I see this piece was well made. Maybe a moderate priced furniture company in its prime, but the piece has box joint hardwood drawers, a floating panelled back and walls, so construction wise its decent. And it was free. It has been refinished. Kent Coffee was stamped in the back panel.

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    Actual cash in hand! I'd have been a dead man!

    I have enough trouble with a credit card. Cash would have been gone in a flash!
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    Cash ????? What is this cash thing you guys are talking about ???
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