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Thread: Anyone here fron east coast of Florida?

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    Anyone here fron east coast of Florida?

    My wife says I must take a vacation. I've put it off as long as I could but now I guess I need to make plans and was thinking about Cocoa Beach or there abouts. Anyone here from around those parts with any helpful information? Where to stay...what to

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    if you're going to be in the cocoa beach area, you should visit nasa.
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    I visited Kennedy in Dec 2007 and highly recommend it. We spent about 1-1/2 days there (w/4 kids) and we basically saw everything. I'm not sure that one day is enough to do it all, but that is okay, since at Kennedy your ticket is good for two days. (I forget if it is 2 days in a row, or any two days in a week. If you stop at the tourist info booth at the State border you can pick up various info booklets and IIRC there was a discount coupon for Kennedy that was worth getting.

    As for the rest, we spent the rest of the time in Orlando. Never actually got to Cocoa beach.
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