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    Hi All

    Given my origins I was wondering how many of you have any interest or are watching anything to do with World Cup of Soccer taking place in South Africa.?

    How much coverage is being given to it in the USA?

    Anyone have a favorite team ???

    I know Baseball , Football and Basket Ball and Nascar over shadow most sports in the USA including Hockey so where does Soccer fit given the USA has hosted the event.

    Pretty mixed emotions for me watching the opening ceremony on CBC here.

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    Wake me when it's over.
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    Is this a NASCAR sanctioned event?

    Ok, not much interest in the "real" football around here. Lots of kids and high school teams have been started. Probably in another 5 to 10 years it might make a go. Couple colleges have good teams also, from what I hear. Youngest daughter played on one of the kids teams for 2 years. She had fun, but said she wanted to retire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Southwood View Post
    Is this a NASCAR sanctioned event?
    I thought it was NHRA

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    Rob, my two employees are Latinos, so the need to watch this tournament is pretty much in their DNA . I watched a few games with them during the last tournament. I played soccer when I was younger but don't have a lot of interest in it. The only sport I watch and have interest in is baseball.

    I now wish I had kept up with baseball when I was younger and stopped playing football. I probably wouldn't be so achy all the time now.

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    It is everywhere here in Japan, on every advert etc, we even have soccer ball shaped bottles of coke

    I know a lot of people get a lot of enjoyment out of it, so good for them.

    I hope the fans behave and there are not deaths.

    An observation from a buddy from the UK, "I don't know of any other sport played in the civilized world where the ref needs to carry a gun......"

    Just saying.......
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    i've heard that it's one of the signs of the end times, when people in the united states start taking the world cup seriously....
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    Run down to one end then run to the other end.. run Run RUN : Score 1 to zero..... Run some more -- kick kick kick then run! did I say run and kick.

    Nope not a big fan.
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    I love soccer. I'll watch every game I can. Saturday is USA vs England. Chances are we will lose but it should be a close game.
    Americans are mostly turned off by soccer because there aren't a lot of goals scored.

    Hockey is great, football is great, nascar is ok, golf and baseball puts me to sleep instantly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    we even have soccer ball shaped bottles of coke
    Hey, us too! I saw those in the grocery store last couple weeks and rolled my eyes...

    Personally, I have no interest at all. However, since I work at a University, it is unavoidable. I would bet that most Universities in Canada (US also?) have large international student populations. As such, if you walk into the campus pub every TV is on the game (including the one that is 99% of the time on the weather channel) and the place is full.
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