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Thread: Walking Cane Stand

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    Walking Cane Stand

    I'm new to Family Woodworking and woodworking in general, but I'm having a blast so far!

    Any way this is my first real project. From concept through design, build, and finish. I will say the design went through several modifications during the build, because it "Just didn't look right". I'm pretty happy with the final result though.

    This is made from a $10.00 piece of "white wood" from a big box store. I was going to make another one out of oak if this turned out all right, but my wife liked this one and said it was just what she wanted. So we'll see how well it holds up.
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    Hey, That's a pretty neat little project there!

    Excellent way to introduce yourself Cameron!

    It's a sure bet you'll keep the picture police at bay!

    Welcome Aboard!
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    Hey Cameron, Glad you joined and I see you already know about the piture. Nice looking project.
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    Welcome aboard CameronNice project, I think I will have to steal your Idea, I have canes all over the house and that would be a cool way to organize them, well done

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    First attempt? Very excellent.
    Welcome to the Family. Ye will fit in just fine.
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    welcome cameron! think of it this way, borg whitewood is good for making prototypes, without wasting too much money.
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    Welcome to the Family Cameron

    Very nice first project, well done!
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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    now you done it cameron, you showed the wife you can build things, now you arent going to have free time anymore.
    nice piece, hi from the northeast.

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    Welcome Cameron. Great project

    Looks like a great place to store fishing rods as well.
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    welcome cameron to our forum so what is next on your to do list
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