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Thread: hey Larry

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    hey Larry

    Did you notice that Vaughn has been hanging around us hillbillys a little to much. He traded the long hair for the beard . Next thing you no he'll be moving out in the sticks.

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    You like that look, huh? I tried a different conditioner in my hair.

    There's a website called The Smoking Gun (TSG), and every Friday they do a mugshot roundup. I tend to collect some of the funnier or weirder mugshots for future use. Some of them are a bit more disturbing (or disturbed) than others.

    (This week's lineup is pretty weak, but the green hair guy was a keeper.)
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
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    well one thing we know for sure steve is we elnatural and he could look like that in a few years.. as the sayun goes "and yu to can be purty"
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