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Thread: It's Gotta Be Woodworkers House!

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    It's Gotta Be Woodworkers House!

    Or maybe a Tree-hugger's
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    Jesus was a Woodworker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Mooney View Post
    Or maybe a Tree-hugger's
    Branch office?
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    well who ever it is they arent doing the tree any favors, the roof line is gonna divert the air and the moisture the tree needs to survive.. just like some folks back fill around trees to much and they die in a few years ,,they breath at the ground level as well.. bet the roof leaks to
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    I'll go out on a limb and say that the guy had to be full of pith and vinegar to build something like that.
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    Looks like Japan, I've seen several "Shacks" like that (I'll not call them houses)
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    well, the tree is doing double-duty -----shade above & foundation below

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