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Thread: Bandsaw speed

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    Bandsaw speed

    I have a two speed bandsaw. According to the manual 1450 ft/min is recommended for hardwoods and the 3000 ft/min is for all other timbers (softwood I presume). I read an article recently that said to use high speed for all woods and low speed for metal. Any advice?

    Thank you, DKT

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    I run mine on high speed for all wood, I don't cut metal on mine but if I did it would be at low speed.
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    Hi folks,
    1450 is still way too fast for any metal except aluminum.
    I have a metal/wood bandsaw that has a gearbox to reduce the speed to about 60 fpm (yes, 60) That's the speed you need for steel.

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    High speed for all woods here too.
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    My bandsaw only has one speed so I guess I use high speed for all woods... don't do metal on it... only metal I ever cut is brass tubes occasionally and I use an older Ryobi for that... so as not to ruin my wood blade.
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    I do the same as Don. I use only high speed. I do not cut metal. I have not had any problems.
    I mainly use 4 tpi half inch blades.


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    Ya high speed works, if you have cherry and a dull blade you might slow it don't to keep from burning it, but you don't run dull blades do ya? You might consider a cheap 42 inch horizontal saw for your metal needs. Morse make a variable tooth blade that well cut all metals (aluminum included). it has 14 teeth to 10 teeth, all on the same blade that's all I run on my metal saw .

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    Mine is two speed also but I have never used the slow.
    For big chunks of hardwood I just go easy on the feed.
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