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Thread: My new burnisher

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    My new burnisher

    Well after some searching and excellent advice from many here i came to realize i was over thinking this tool. Wrote to Ron Hock who was very good in responding and providing some grounding. I love it when guys who make tools take the time to treat customers well.

    Also Dave Jeske of Blue Spruce Toolworks stopped on by and topped it off for me. Thanks Dave as well as all the other members that gave me their views.

    So here is my attempt at this much needed tool if you gonna use scrapers and go neader.

    I bought the rod from Tools for Woodworking at the same time i got my hold downs just to make shipping a little more justifable. But is a Hock burnishing rod.

    Handle is boxwood courtesy of LV bargain bin and the rest is history oh ferule also courtesy LV well they did not give them away but they a courteous supplier.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    After what Dave said about boxwood its my new favorite wood for handles. This stuff turned wonderfully and he is correct about the color. After taking pics i put some BLO mixed with mineral oil on and it popped nicely. Did not get a pic of that though. As you can see i been doing some spinny stuff. See flatwork needs spinny and visa versa.

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    She's a purty one. Nice job on that. I still don't understand why I can handle scrapers fine but can't sharpen chisels or plane irons free hand to save my life ;-)
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    Nicely done. Should be a pretty decent burnisher!
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