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Thread: OK whatcha got planned for the weekend.

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    OK whatcha got planned for the weekend.

    LOML and I will be babysitting the grand daughter tonight while my son and his wife go to a George Strait concert tonight. Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be working on "THE BIG DESK" got to get it finished before the 21st so it will be ready to move into he new shop with attached house. I'll go by the house to check progress and Sunday morning will be church. So Whatcha got going. Oh yea I'll probably be watching the super bowl to while I'm in the shop.
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    Working Saturday, and trying to get this table leg thing down pat on Sunday, all freaking day if I have to

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    Pick up my wife at the airport! She has been in DC all week. I missed her too!

    Install the wifes Christmas present in the laundry room.

    Tidy up the shop once her Christmas is out of here.

    The work on some OLD IRON! I am having withdrawals. I need install and wire the VFD for the grinder and get it operational.

    Then probably start tearing down one of the Craftsman drill presses and start restoring it. I need to get those two done so I use them. I use one now but it's really sad looking. The other one, the table is stuck on the column so I can't use it.

    Then Sunday we start looking visiting new Churches.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Leaving late this afternoon and heading up to my buddys house to load firewood. [I'm about out] Spend the night there, up at 5am, on to Kansas City to meet with 22 others for our annual breakfast get together before the Wood Show at Overland Park Kansas.
    Spend saturday at KC, back to John's, then back home either saturday night or sunday morning.

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    Staying inside as much as possible. They are predicting a high of -5F Saturday with wind chill factors of 30 to 40 below. Ditto for Sunday. Finally getting real Minnesota winter.



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    Maybe I'll actually get out into the shop this weekend - been fighting a head cold all week and getting home feeling miserable after work and going to bed early.

    Still working on that bathroom cabinet - should finish up the drawers and get some sanding done Saturday - church on Sunday, then, just maybe, a few more hours in the shop.
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    I might try to turn a vase. It'll be my first time.

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    Cleaning up the basement bar...we always have a super bowl party here...
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    Dinner out tonight with LOML, have orders for pens that need to be turned and engraved this weekend, have another possible order for some engraving on soft steel (if we can figure out how to do it), FWW-members as dinner guests on Saturday night, and maybe a Super Bowl party on Sunday (we've been invited, but...)

    Need some relaxation time, I'm going

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    Playing with Lathe.


    Meeting group of fellow ww's for breakfast then to Woodcraft for their sale.

    Attempt to bookmatch some BE maple for a jewelry box.

    Pick up wife from airport, coming back from Memphis.

    Superbowl party Sun. night

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